Schematic demonstration of components of the Rolimeter

Description Rolimeter

Intraoperative use

  • The Rolimeter can be sterilised (without the rubber band)
  • We use it for every ACL reconstruction to control the tension of the graft
Rolimeter inoperative use
Rolimeter inoperative use

Prior to definite fixation of the ACL graft the resulting stability can be measured and we use the following sequence of steps. The transplant is fixed on femoral side to bone, while the tibial side is only fixed provisionally with sutures on a clamp at the tunnel entry tigthening it at full extension.

Now the resulting ap stability can be measured looking at the displacement with the Rolimeter:
In full extension zero mm displacement, in 25° flexion 5-6 mm which assures a physiological articular clearance. Overtightening the transplant puts it and the joint in jeopardy. This is even more at risk in case the placements of the tunnels are incorrect.