Lachmantest Rolimeter

Principle of Lachman test


  • Lachman Position with thigh on a support or on examiners thigh.
  • Correct positioning of the Rolimeter.
  • The distal tibia pad is fixed with an elastic.
  • The patella pad is fixed with one hand stabilising also the femur.
  • The feeler is positioned on the tibial tuberosity.
  • Thigh muscles must be relaxed

Lachman testing R Knee

  • The L hand centers the instrument on the patella.
  • The R hand pushes the tibia down to tighten the PCL with the index pushing the feeler down into contact with the tibial tuberosity to zero the instrument.
  • Then, the calf is pulled up with the second hand in a «manual max» making sure muscles are relaxed.
  • The Lachman value can now be read of the scale.